Real Estate Trends to Witness in 2022-24

We have seen many changes in the real estate industry since the pandemic. The prices and sales have been affected drastically in this industry. People started to make smart choices in investing their savings, especially after the pandemic. That’s why they began to invest the money in Real Estate in Top real estate companies in Hyderabad. These changes in the real estate industry are noticeable and should be noted to understand the trend. This article will explain to you the top real estate trends in the year 2022-24.

Top Real Estate Trends

Let us see the top real estate trends in the industry for 2022-24:

House Hunting Digitally

Digitalization has taken a crucial role since the pandemic started. As we cannot step out and look for what we need, people have begun to change their way of searching online for everything. In the same way, people began to look for houses in the best real estate company in Hyderabad without even stepping inside it. Many people started to do their house property tours virtually. Wondering how? These are the following ways you can do this:

  1. 3D Tours
  2. Drone videos
  3. Virtual staging

People started to move from Cities to the Suburbs

One of the key underlying drivers for these trends is a relocation from big cities to the suburbs. It must be a development occurring before 2020 but accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. People started to look for real estate properties in the best real estate company in Hyderabad.

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The following are the underlying reasons for the shift that happened by necessity and choice.

  1. People who cannot afford to stay are moving out of necessity.
  2. Rich people are relocating by choice to live close to nature.
  3. People who lost their jobs can no longer afford big city prices and move, searching for more affordable housing options.
  4. We can see that suburbs are an attractive destination as they have lower taxes and cheaper housing and rent prices.

Home Prices continue to increase

Top real estate companies in Hyderabad have also shot up prices for properties. But we can say this development is the opposite of the pandemic trend where property owners had to re-evaluate their prices. Now, To secure properties that catch their eyes and match their budgets, homebuyers are again willing to buy properties despite the prices asked.

Mortgage Rates also dropped

The mortgage rates have declined now. This is excellent news for homebuyers. Homebuyers who have good credit scores can get favorable mortgage rates. To keep the market afloat, Lower mortgage rates have been a trend. This has been devised to incentivize the property market for prospective homebuyers.

The Rental Property Market started to decline

We can see that the rental property market also started to decline due to the following reasons:

  1. The main reason will be the shift of people from cities to suburbs. This made the rental market for residential and commercial properties in big cities decline in 2020.
  2. Several young professionals gave up their apartments and moved back in with their parents last year.


We have seen the top real estate trends in 2022-24. This makes this clear that a lot of changes happened in the real estate industry, especially after the pandemic. The top real estate companies in Hyderabad offer the best real estate properties to prospective homebuyers. Be smart and make the right decision to invest your savings in the best real estate company in Hyderabad. If you are looking for a trusting partner who can help you fulfill your dreams of owning a house, then you are just a call or text away from experiencing the amazing services of Urbanyards. Please get in touch with our professionals for more information regarding our services.