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What makes a luxury home in a gated community a better investment

Are you looking for the best real estate companies in Hyderabad? Are you puzzled about investing in a luxury home in a gated community? As cities expand and flourish, and people’s lives become more frantic, younger generations and couples working in fast-paced industries like IT adjust their priorities. With rising rental prices and cultural pressure to marry as soon as possible, some husbands and wives are choosing a more practical option.

Luxury gated communities are the next big thing when it comes to different types of residences. Why?


  • They make life easier in the modern world.
  • They provide a mini-city living experience.
  • They provide various levels of comfort.
  • They provide safety.

The couples prefer luxury developments with a gated community because they want to live sustainably and avoid hustling regularly, and all of these projects are ideal for them.

Gated communities were built on large pieces of land to create a sense of community within the city. The gated community project already has all of the necessary characteristics. Gated communities offer a stronger sense of community and security and possibly some nearby amenities such as hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutions, health spas, and much more!

As the demand for such housing solutions grows, many developers in India are acquiring larger lands and developing such projects in cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, among others.

Are you a couple searching for the top real estate companies in Hyderabad? We would suggest the Urbanyards, one of the promising real estate agencies in the Telugu states.

For a couple, the following are some advantages of a gated community project:

Everything in the immediate vicinity

When you buy a house in a gated community apartment, you get a miniature version of everything you’ll see in the city. Everything you need for a sustainable lifestyle, from a shopping mall to a movie theatre and healthcare, is still in the neighborhood.

Ensures Maximum Living Capacity

Gated community developments with the highest possible living potential would include open green areas, playgrounds, parks, gardens, jogging paths, and open gymnasiums, all of which will contribute to your work-life balance. All of these can be significant advantages of living in a gated community. 

Everything is available under one roof

When you choose an apartment in a gated community, you can access entertainment centers, business establishments, and shopping malls. The developers are working hard to keep everything in working order.

Guarantees sustainable living

Among other advantages, gated communities may offer complete infrastructure construction and maintenance, waste management, a secure environment, and water harvesting. Couples who decide to live together need stability and security if they are to be happy and stable. When it comes to purchasing a home together, gated community projects are the best option.

Ensures High Return-on-Investment

When it comes to real estate, buying in a gated community is an excellent choice. Though gated community homes are always slightly more expensive than other types of property, acquiring property in these communities may be a lucrative investment, especially if purchased from a respected developer. People nowadays want a lifestyle, not just a house, and gated community flats and villas are an excellent investment in their improved living experience and pleasure.

To summarise, with this, you have understood the advantages of investing in a luxury home in a gated community. If you are looking forward to investing in luxury apartments at the best real estate companies in Hyderabad, we suggest Urbanyards fulfill your dreams of living in a sweet home with all the amenities. Better late than never to avail of this golden opportunity. Please get in touch with us today for the best deals. 


Investing in the Stock Market or Real Estate – Which is Better?

Investing in the Stock Market or Real Estate – Which is Better?

Are you looking for the best real estate company in Hyderabad? But are you confused about choosing between investing in the stock market or real estate? Don’t worry! This article is for you to guide you to the better option. Investment is an essential asset for becoming wealthy. If you’re one of those who want to improve their financial situation, you can come across many investing alternatives. Real estate and stock market investments are the most vital financial investment strategies. However, if you must choose between real estate and stock market investing, let us understand their benefits and drawbacks to determine which is superior.

 Investment in Real Estate

Let us begin with the fact that real estate investment yields substantial profits. When researching real estate investments, you will come across residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, residential properties can be categorized as their own home, flipping homes to buy, rental properties, and profitably resale homes or land.

We are glad to introduce you the Urbanyards, one of the top real estate companies in Hyderabad, to fulfill your dreams of investing in the open plots for sale in Hyderabad.

On the other hand, commercial properties can be divided into office buildings, flats, and strip malls. Furthermore, there are several open plot enterprises in Hyderabad where you can invest in the land. You can also purchase open plots for sale in Hyderabad to construct your dream home.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate is Easy to Understand:

The terminologies used in the real estate industry are simple to grasp. You can buy a pre-built building for your needs or invest in open plots in Hyderabad, manage maintenance, and resell it at a better price.

Easy Availability of Loan:

You can consider borrowing if you cannot afford to invest in DTCP-authorised plots in Hyderabad. You can obtain a bank loan or invest in real estate with a 20% down payment and then finance the remainder of the cost.

Numerous Tax Advantages:

The property owner is eligible for a tax reduction if you buy land or a house with mortgage debt. You could look into open plots for sale in Hyderabad for this alternative.

Demerits of Investing in Real Estate

Requires More Work:

Real estate investment is simple to grasp, but you will be occupied with property maintenance. You also need to fulfill some legal obligations when maintaining your properties.

Choosing the Best Location:

In real estate investment, location is critical. When purchasing open plots in Hyderabad, the location significantly impacts the appreciation of land value.

Investments in Stocks

Adopting a strategy to grow one’s wealth is required. Now, consider the advantages and disadvantages of investing in the stock.

Benefits of Investing in Stocks

A well-planned strategy is required to grow one’s fortune. Now, consider the benefits and drawbacks of investing in the stock.

Highly Chances of Liquidity:

When you invest in real estate, your money is locked up for many years. However, if you acquire stock in a public firm, you can sell them at any time.

Diversification of Investment:

Buying mutual funds, stocks, or exchange-traded funds is less difficult than investing in real estate.

Less Transaction Fee:

To buy and sell stocks, opening a brokerage account will be a good option.

Tax Beneficial Retirement Account:

You can purchase shares through an individual or employer-sponsored retirement account. It enables you to grow your investment tax-free or postponed.

Demerits of Investing in Stocks

Volatility in Prices

In the case of stocks, the prices are volatile. That is, stock values can rise or fall at any time and for a shorter length of time than real estate prices.

Capital Gains Tax:

After you sell your purchased stocks, you must pay capital gains tax. Furthermore, you must pay taxes on the portfolio’s stock dividends that you distribute during the year.

To summarize the article, now that you have understood the merits and demerits of investing in real estate and stock markets. It’s time for you to decide which one is better between the both. We know you are looking for the top real estate companies in Hyderabad. If you are, we suggest the best real estate company in Hyderabad, Urbanyards, to help you invest in the open plots for sale in Hyderabad. What are you still thinking of? Be quick to get in touch with us and start making your real estate investments today.


Real Estate Trends to Witness in 2022-24

We have seen many changes in the real estate industry since the pandemic. The prices and sales have been affected drastically in this industry. People started to make smart choices in investing their savings, especially after the pandemic. That’s why they began to invest the money in Real Estate in Top real estate companies in Hyderabad. These changes in the real estate industry are noticeable and should be noted to understand the trend. This article will explain to you the top real estate trends in the year 2022-24.

Top Real Estate Trends

Let us see the top real estate trends in the industry for 2022-24:

House Hunting Digitally

Digitalization has taken a crucial role since the pandemic started. As we cannot step out and look for what we need, people have begun to change their way of searching online for everything. In the same way, people began to look for houses in the best real estate company in Hyderabad without even stepping inside it. Many people started to do their house property tours virtually. Wondering how? These are the following ways you can do this:

  1. 3D Tours
  2. Drone videos
  3. Virtual staging

People started to move from Cities to the Suburbs

One of the key underlying drivers for these trends is a relocation from big cities to the suburbs. It must be a development occurring before 2020 but accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. People started to look for real estate properties in the best real estate company in Hyderabad.

If you are looking for the best real estate agency to invest in open plots and lands, we suggest Urbanyards, the leading real estate firm in Hyderabad.

The following are the underlying reasons for the shift that happened by necessity and choice.

  1. People who cannot afford to stay are moving out of necessity.
  2. Rich people are relocating by choice to live close to nature.
  3. People who lost their jobs can no longer afford big city prices and move, searching for more affordable housing options.
  4. We can see that suburbs are an attractive destination as they have lower taxes and cheaper housing and rent prices.

Home Prices continue to increase

Top real estate companies in Hyderabad have also shot up prices for properties. But we can say this development is the opposite of the pandemic trend where property owners had to re-evaluate their prices. Now, To secure properties that catch their eyes and match their budgets, homebuyers are again willing to buy properties despite the prices asked.

Mortgage Rates also dropped

The mortgage rates have declined now. This is excellent news for homebuyers. Homebuyers who have good credit scores can get favorable mortgage rates. To keep the market afloat, Lower mortgage rates have been a trend. This has been devised to incentivize the property market for prospective homebuyers.

The Rental Property Market started to decline

We can see that the rental property market also started to decline due to the following reasons:

  1. The main reason will be the shift of people from cities to suburbs. This made the rental market for residential and commercial properties in big cities decline in 2020.
  2. Several young professionals gave up their apartments and moved back in with their parents last year.


We have seen the top real estate trends in 2022-24. This makes this clear that a lot of changes happened in the real estate industry, especially after the pandemic. The top real estate companies in Hyderabad offer the best real estate properties to prospective homebuyers. Be smart and make the right decision to invest your savings in the best real estate company in Hyderabad. If you are looking for a trusting partner who can help you fulfill your dreams of owning a house, then you are just a call or text away from experiencing the amazing services of Urbanyards. Please get in touch with our professionals for more information regarding our services.



Know the Best Reasons to Buy Your Dream Home this Festive Season

It is everybody’s dream to buy their own dream house. Many people look for various ways to invest their income for financial stability. The best and safest option for investment is putting money in Real Estate. In this way, you can be the owner of your Dream house. Most of the time, people find it promising to buy some best real estate properties in Hyderabad or their own dream house during the festive season. If you are one such person, then why late. Let us look into various reasons as to why we need to buy our Dream house in this festive season.

Here are a few reasons we need to invest our money to buy our dream house during this festive season.

Chances of Hike in Property Prices

Due to the pandemic, we all thought that the prices of the properties may come down or may not grow as we had thought. This is something that is not going to happen because property prices always have at least a slight increase in their price. After the pandemic, Prices have increased for all the top real estate properties, and the demand for houses has also raised. The cost of constructing a house increased due to an increase in the price of raw materials and other uses. So, deciding to invest in real estate is now very important if you want to have your own dream house. Most of the developers offer properties with certain discounts during this festive season. So, don’t miss the opportunity and invest in the best real estate property in Hyderabad.

Best Home Loans Options

The interest on home loans has always been an important part of calculating the total cost of the house. The home loan rates are at an all-tan low making this the best time to buy a home. This is because the Reserve Bank of India has kept the key policy unchanged and has dropped the repo rate.

Low-interest rate motivates you to buy your dream house in this festive season making it more memorable. Don’t be late, as RBI may increase rates at any time. Take advantage and invest your income in the top real estate property in Hyderabad now.

Launching of new projects

Many developers of the best real estate property in Hyderabad pick the festive season as the ideal time to launch new projects. The reason behind this is to keep up with the sentiments of Indian home-buyers. This is the best time for home-buyers to research the market and look into multiple options from the most reputed builders.

Financial Viability

The majority of home seekers are working professionals. Most companies will have mid-term appraisals or a huge bonus during this festive season. This will help them to buy their own home and invest in financial stability.

Festive Time is a Bonus

Many people find this festive season an auspicious time because it brings good luck and abundance into their homes. So, Indians find this the right time to make an investment or buy something. Investing in the best real estate in Hyderabad marks a new beginning in our lives. Hence purchasing a house during this period is preferable.

Hence, do proper research about the properties and other aspects and gift yourself and your family a dream house this festive season.


We Indians always think of investing our money in the best ways possible. That’s why we think of buying new things, gold, or some top real estate property during festival times. Then why late? Book your dream house during this festive season and make a new beginning.



Top Reasons for the Increasing Demand for Open Plots in Hyderabad

Top Reasons for the Increasing Demand for Open Plots in Hyderabad

Are you looking forward to investing in the open plots for sale in Hyderabad? One of the key things that draws investors’ attention is real estate. Because property prices often increase, people believe real estate is the safest investment. So, who wouldn’t want to see a return on their investment?

Additionally, real estate can be used to generate rental revenue, which is another crucial factor in why many view it as an investment. People may contemplate investing in real estate for various reasons, which may explain why the demand for it is increasing. The buyer and seller are the only parties who care whether the property is an office or a residence. In Hyderabad, there is an enormous increase in demand for open plots.

Urbanyards has developed intriguing ideas and carved out a place for itself in the relevant industry. Plots were developed and offered for sale at reasonable prices. Land investment is a significant commitment, and buyers want to be associated with a reputable brand to feel confident in their decision. The business has carried out several successful initiatives.

Reasons for the Huge Demand for Open Plots in Hyderabad

Let us consider the reasons that make open plots popular among property buyers:

Huge Employment Opportunities:

Hyderabad is regarded as the nation’s IT hub. Numerous national and international businesses have chosen to establish branches there. The demand for living spaces in the area has increased, and various builders have emerged to construct land and plots for purchasers to meet the demand.

We are all aware that Hyderabad has many work prospects due to the presence of some of the largest IT corporations in the city. Because of the favorable job outlook at these locations, professionals from other states in the nation move there. Compared to villas and apartments, open plots have lower real estate costs. As a result, people consider purchasing an open plot to be a profitable decision. Additionally, several developers have taken over the suitable property and created open plots for sale.

Living Closer to Nature

The open plots in the gated community are furnished with the bare necessities, making them perfect residences. Another factor that encourages individuals to invest in the plots Urbanyards is selling is their proximity to significant city centers. Therefore, living in a lush, green area of nature is a dream come true for many people. Senior individuals and families with children can both feel protected in gated communities. The neighborhood has parks, clubhouses, and other amenities that improve the quality of life.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Hyderabad offers investors a high return on investment (ROI), particularly for open plots. Additionally, the location has official approval, and the business has all the paperwork to register the investors’ freshly acquired land. The Hyderabad open plots that have received DTCP approval are a fantastic choice for buyers. They determine that the plot is a good investment and consider purchasing it to rent it out or sell it later. For their life prospects, several people think about investing in such plots. The sale deed issued by the builder is efficient and transparent, thanks to Telangana’s government. These elements inspire the customer with confidence to purchase the vacant land.

To summarize, we hope this article is helpful for you, and you have got enough information about the increasing demand for open plots in Hyderabad. If you wish to invest in the open lands in Hyderabad, we would love to suggest Urbanyards. At Urbanyards, we offer open plots, farmlands, flats, villas, and others. 


Know Why Investing in Open Plots is the Best Opportunity

Know Why Investing in Open Plots is the Best Opportunity

Are you looking forward to investing in the best real estate projects in Hyderabad? Well, if you are one of them looking forward to investing in the top real estate companies in Hyderabad, then this blog is for you. Real estate investments are immovable and cannot be taken away or lost. It is one of your most valuable future assets. It is one of the best investments with very minimal risk and one of the best strategies that could help your future generations. There are several ways to invest in real estate, so if one has the chance to do so on open plots, they should seize the chance.

The real estate market has been flourishing compared to other markets that produce profitable returns for investors, particularly in quickly developing cities like Hyderabad. A plot or piece of property purchase involves much more than just money. Hyderabad’s real estate market has grown due to the city’s rapid industrialization. However, given that Hyderabad is growing, buying there would be advantageous for many investors seeking to buy open pieces of land at reasonable prices.

Compared to other markets that produce profitable returns for investors, the real estate market has been flourishing, particularly in quickly developing cities like Hyderabad. A plot or piece of property purchase involves much more than just money. Hyderabad’s real estate market has grown due to the city’s rapid industrialization. However, given that Hyderabad is growing, buying there would be advantageous for many investors seeking to buy open pieces of land at reasonable prices.

Open plots in Yacharam are currently being offered by Urbanyards at reasonable prices, making it the ideal place to turn your investment into a profitable one. They offer DTCP-approved plots in Hyderabad where you can plan to build your dream house or earn the most money once you reach retirement age.

Here are a few advantages of investing in open plots in Shadnagar.

Best Location for More Returns:

The location, favorable to your investment in open plots, is the first and most important factor. Location is important when making a real estate investment decision. Therefore, Swargaseema, a seasoned real estate agent, has offered open plots for sale in Shadnagar, which are excellent investments at an ideal location.

Easy to manage:

Investments in open plots don’t need a lot of care and upkeep. The best option for investors who don’t have the time to maintain the land would be to purchase open plots. No maintenance fees, no rent for tenants.

Profitable Returns:

The greatest sites, or growing areas, offer lots that have a lot of potential for growth and high profits in the coming years. Open plots’ market value tends to grow significantly over time. Plots near important infrastructure will likely increase in value over time and provide their owners with healthy profits.


The open plots for sale in Yacharam are available for reasonable prices and come in various sizes to suit your needs. Open plots offer far greater flexibility in use and upkeep. You can build your farmhouse, a small warehouse, or whatever else you like. The best investment is open plots because of their flexibility and proximity to the neighborhood.

To conclude, we hope this article has given you enough information by letting you know the benefits of investing in the DTCP Approved Open Plots in Yacharam. If you are looking for the best investment options, let us help you invest in the Land for Sale in Yacharam. Please reach out to our professionals to get more help regarding your real estate needs. 


Are you an NRI investing in Real Estate? Know these 8 Tips to Make it Right

Are you an NRI investing in Real Estate? Know these 8 Tips to Make it Right

Are you an NRI looking forward to investing in the Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Hyderabad? Here is a blog that would help you a lot. The Indian real estate market has seen a significant contribution from non-resident Indians. They typically invest in real estate in India or emotionally attach to the nation if they intend to reside there after retirement.

In the current scenario, it is hassle-free for NRIs to purchase the Residential Plots for Sale in Pharma City and Yacharam. However, the following are some things NRIs should be aware of before investing in real estate.

Let us see what NRIs should remember before investing in the real estate and HMDA Plots for Sale in Hyderabad, Adibatla.

Documents Required Before Investing In Real Estate in India

When looking for a home to invest in, all those who plan to do so can rejoice because only a few documents are needed: a passport, address verification, a permanent account number (PAN card), and a recent photo.

Important FEMA Rules to Keep in Mind

With the Foreign Exchange Management Act, the Reserve Bank of India has made it much simpler for all NRIs to purchase property in India (FEMA). If you wish to invest in the DTCP Open Plots in Yacharam, you should know –

“Any immovable property in India that is not farmland, plantation property, or a farmhouse may be purchased by an NRI or a person of Indian origin (PIO), as defined by FEMA. The Indian government has granted wide approval for this. However, Amarjit Bakshi, managing director of Central Park, states that individuals who are citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal, or Bhutan are not permitted to own or transfer real estate in India, save from short-term leases of up to five years.

Mode of Payment When NRI Buying Property in India

Are you looking forward to investing in HMDA Plots for Sale in Adibatla? Any NRI may apply for a home loan even if they don’t have the money. The RBI has already begun approving banks and housing finance organisations currently registered with the National Housing Bank to offer house loans to NRIs looking to purchase real estate in India. However, NRIs must prioritise the need for all transactions to be conducted exclusively in Indian currency.

There is a catch, though—the loan cannot be credited directly to an NRI’s bank account. It can only be transferred directly to the bank accounts of the developer or the seller. However, the loan can be repaid with money from an NRI’s FCNR (Fixed Deposit Foreign Currency Account) deposits or cash from their NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary) or NRE (Non-Resident External) accounts.

Elimination of Middlemen

An NRI must cut out the intermediaries to guarantee that the property’s price and commitment are genuine. However, buying the property directly from a reputable builder who has amassed a sizable empire over the years is wise.

TDS details for NRI Property Sale

They share many of the same tax advantages as any other Indian resident. Therefore, all tax advantages available to residents of India are also available to NRIs. Additionally, if NRIs want to purchase a property valued at more than Rs 50 lakh, they must pay a withholding TDS of 1%.

If the property is unoccupied and listed as “self-occupied,” it will not be subject to wealth tax. However, to avoid paying wealth tax, they must rent it out for at least 300 days a year. This restriction only applies to the first property. After that, they must pay a tax of 1% of the value (net of existing debts) over Rs 30 lakh for any additional empty properties.

Verification is Mandatory

NRIs should perform a required background check on the builder by looking through the real estate company’s social media profiles and other online forums.

First-hand Experience is a Must to Have 

To gain a precise notion of how delighted customers are with their purchases, one must seek first-hand experience by contacting them online.

POA for Buying Property

Since they don’t live here, there may be times when they are unable to purchase the property in person; nevertheless, POA (Power of Attorney) is available to help. This means that an NRI can select a close friend, family member, or even a coworker and authorize them(legally) to conduct the transaction on your behalf.

To conclude, are you an NRI willing to invest in the HMDA Approved Plots for Sale in Hyderabad? If yes, we would love to suggest to you the Urbanyards, the leading real estate agency in Hyderabad covering all the important locations in the city. So please reach us for more information about buying plots, villas, flats and many more. 

Top Reasons Why NRIs Should Invest in Indian Real Estate

Top Reasons Why NRIs Should Invest in Indian Real Estate

Many people nowadays are trying to settle abroad for a bright future. People started to think of various options for their money to grow. Investing in the best real estate projects in Hyderabad is one of the most chosen options by non-resident Indians (NRIs) who want to invest their money for a higher ROI.

Many NRIs are trying to invest as much as possible in the Indian top real estate company in Hyderabad, as it is the best real estate company in Hyderabad that provides services fast and transparently.

India is one of the fastest ever-growing economies today. Hence it is opening the door to many foreign investments at large. Top real estate projects in Hyderabad are booming because of all these investments and the high demand for housing needs. Since its inception, the best real estate company in Hyderabad has only seen growth and is now faster than ever despite the pandemic.

We have all seen how the pandemic greatly affects our thought structure. It just made us realize the importance of many things, and, most importantly, money and investment. The government of India has also introduced many benefits for NRIs investing in properties. All lands except for agricultural lands are available to make investments on and get more benefits. 

Let us see some more reasons to invest in Indian real estate properties in Hyderabad:

Here are some reasons for us to invest in the top real estate company in Hyderabad.

Mode of extra income

Everyone is trying to change their lifestyle to become urban, and this is happening almost everywhere. Hence, investing in a property like residential plots for sale in Yacharam and Pharma City or DTCP-approved open plots for sale in Yacharam and Pharma City is recommended. This can later turn out to be an opportunity for you to earn an extra income regularly. If there is an estimate regarding revenue generated from the best real estate property in Hyderabad, it is up to a 200 % return on the initial investment. 

An ample investing options

The metro cities were the platform for real estate investments by the NRIs. This is because they were most beneficial when it came to buying property like plots and land for sale in Yacharam and Pharma City. However, many people took back their thoughts on this because of the sky-high rates. Since 2014, India has been undergoing rapid development, especially in the real estate sector in tier-II and tier-III cities. This enabled NRIs to access many avenues for investment and to find their perfect investing options in any city, like the top 10 real estate companies in Hyderabad, at fair rates.

Constantly declining INR

It is a great concern for everyone regarding the constant decline in the rupee as it indicates a damaged economic situation in the country. However, this made NRIs invest more in Indian Real Estate. This is because property rates are now cheaper and more affordable than any foreign currency. It shows that NRIs can buy more land in India within their budget than the space available in foreign lands.

Relaxed investment laws for NRIs:

The RBI has eased some investment laws to favour NRI investments. This is to make the market much more approachable for NRIs. Hence, the property buying process in India is much faster and requires less paperwork than before. The mandatory requirement to acquire RBI permission before buying a property is revoked. However, a permit is required in the case of agricultural land.

Transparent transactions are guaranteed

The RERA act was passed in 2016 to reduce the delay of project completion and fraud associated with buying properties. This act has made property buyers empowered. Dealers and developers are now compelled by the law to disclose complete information about the property. 


Investing in properties like DTCP-approved open plots for sale in Yacharam and Pharma City is the best option for NRIs to multiply their income. Thus, make a wise decision to grow your wealth. 


Why is Indian Real Estate Ideal for NRI Investment?

Why is Indian Real Estate Ideal for NRI Investment?

The Indian real estate market has been seeing tremendous growth over the past few years. Moreover, the NRIs’ looking forward to investing in the country has increased compared to the previous years. 

NRIs from developed countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada were already major investors in India. The skyrocketing financial market in India has further triggered the psyche of Indians living abroad to consider returning home and settling down in the future. This is why residential real estate investment has increased, accounting for 42 percent of total GCC inflows.

Similarly, the real estate companies in Hyderabad are making better profits by serving their large NRI client base. This article is for you if you are an NRI who wishes to invest in the best real estate in Hyderabad.

Top Reasons for NRIs’ to Invest in Indian Real Estate

There are many opportunities for Non-Resident Indians to invest in real estate in India, and the top real estate companies in Hyderabad would help you make a wise decision. 

Urbanyards is the most promising and trusted partner for its clients. It is also one of the leading and top 10 real estate companies in Hyderabad. 

Let us see the reasons why one should start investing in real estate in the country.

Robust Economy of the Country

India has weathered the global financial crisis. Thanks to a high-quality, resilient, and transparent economy supported by a strong banking sector that promotes the growth of real estate in India.

Distinguished Markets 

One of the largest and oldest stock exchanges in the world is the Indian Stock Exchange. It boasts returns on investment of more than 15% each year for the past ten years, is effective, less expensive, and has a modern environment.

Diversity of Investors

Numerous industries have become open for investment due to the robust service industry. Investors are also acquiring the knowledge necessary to make investments in knowledge-based industries.

Demographic Dividend 

India is the youngest nation in the world and has a working-age population that makes up over 64% of the total population. Thus, there is a lot of room for productivity and innovation, which will help to accelerate economic growth.

Rapid Growth of the Market 

Due to the rapid growth of the Indian market, traditional investments are being replaced by stock-based instruments among Indian investors. It’s a terrific moment to invest in India because of the expanding market and stock values.

Friendly Market that Supports Investors 

NRIs are shifting their investment attention toward India due to the Indian government being friendlier to foreign investors and the RBI and SEBI creating many rules and guidelines for supporting FDI or Foreign Direct Investments.

According to numerous predictions, India’s NRI investments will reach a record high of INR 96 CR in FY 2021. This record-breaking real estate investment is credited to the creation of RERA. NRI investors are now more confident in making investments in India. They receive reliable developers and properties currently registered under RERA, as well as a more straightforward method for engagement.

Increasing Demand for Ready-made Homes 

The desire for pre-built homes that are safe and secure and guarantee the availability of all the necessities of a contemporary lifestyle is also on the rise. Due to the lack of goods and service tax (GST) on resale flats, there is also an increase in demand for homes that are ready to move into or developments that are nearly finished. In addition, the recent fall of the Indian rupee means that NRIs now have a profitable bargain in their hands and must invest less money to buy a home.

Let’s see the procedure NRIs should follow before buying any properties in India. 

Here is a quick list of everything you will need at each step.

Documents you need before buying a property:
Passport and/or OCI Card:

You’ll need to present your Indian passport and OCI card if you have an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card or a PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) card. You can purchase a property in India even if you have a foreign passport.

PAN Card:

It is mandatory for all property transactions. 

Power of attorney:

If you cannot complete the purchase transaction in India, you must present a power of attorney. Please be aware that you cannot carry out a real estate transaction without a special power of attorney that is notarized and registered.

How can you execute a Power of Attorney?

Using a power of attorney, you can give someone in India the authority to carry out transactions on your behalf. You must sign the POA before a consular representative or notary public in your home country. They will also need to vouch for it.


Make sure you review and double-check all necessary documents to ensure a seamless transaction and a hassle-free ownership experience.

Documents Required: 
  • Title deed (in the name of the seller). You need to be aware of the special papers required by some states.
  • Approved plan
  • Building permit
  • certification of occupation (in case it is a ready building)
  • Any older title deeds
  • current encumbrance certificate
  • share registration (in case it is a cooperative housing society)
  • The society’s RERA registration NOC (if applicable)
  • If all of these documents are valid, you
Documents required for registration:

For the sale deed registration, you will also need to produce proofs of your current address (such as utility bills) and your identity (such as your passport and PAN card).

To summarize, out of the several investment options available, Real Estate in India has become the most viable option for Non-Resident Indians. If you are an NRI looking to invest in land and open plots, we suggest you contact Urbanyards, the best real estate company in Hyderabad. Please start your investments now with the most trusted partner in real estate. 


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Urbanyards Green Life – The Weekend Retreat

The changing lifestyles and people’s quest to lead a comfortable lifestyle led to the establishment of gated communities. These gated communities provide a plethora of amenities and top-notch facilities to the people. The focus of building these communities aims to provide a lot of amenities to the people and create the best living environments. Several real estate companies create the best living spaces to meet customers’ demands and fulfill their dreams. In a similar way, Urban Yards Green Life also offers the most promising living spaces with its gated communities to meet customer demands.

In this article, you will see the best amenities urbanyards offers to its customers with its Green Life gated community.

Features and Amenities of Green Life

Let’s see the exceptional features of amenities offered by urbanyards to its customers:

  • “First impression is the best impression.” Making this a reality, we have a warm, welcoming gateway that hardly allows you to take your eyes off.
  • This community is spacious enough, with 40 and 30 wide roads.
  • We believe that humans should live in the lap of nature to lead a happy and peaceful life. Hence, our gated communities are surrounded by a diverse variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants.
  • It also consists of a theme-based landscape, a dense avenue plantation, and a kid’s play area.
  • The entire area is facilitated with an underground electrical supply to ensure safety and flexibility.
  • All the living areas inside the community are furnished with domestic and irrigation water supply.
  • It is also provided with a stormwater harvesting system to preserve the water for future demands.
  • It is provided with other amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pool, open-air theatre, and bar-be-que corner.
  • Respecting the sentiments of the people, we built all the houses with 100% vastu.

Besides providing exceptional amenities, we also enable people to be an easy and flexible movement to their desired places without any hassles. Here is a list of destinations and their distance from the Green Life community:

  • You can reach Wonder La by travelling 18 kilometers from the community.
  • Maheshwaram is just 6 kilometers from this place.
  • You are just 20 kilometers far from the airport.
  • E-city is just 15 kilometers from this gated community.
  • Thukkuguda is about 15 kilometers from this place.
  • You are just 20 kilometers away from Adibatla.
  • LB Nagar is 38 kilometers far from Green Life’s gated community.

To summarise, before buying your dream home, you should check if the gated community is equipped with amenities that help you have a peaceful and happy life. You should choose the locations that provide all the amenities and facilities for this to happen. Besides, you should choose a branded real estate agency to cater to all your needs and demands. Now, the ball is in your court to decide. Decide what is good for your living, make a wise decision and approach us to buy your dream house now. Feel free to contact us for more details.