Various Types of Real Estate Investments in Hyderabad


Entering real estate requires careful consideration of your money. It involves thorough research, talking to experts, and choosing an investment that aligns with your financial goals. Real estate is a top recommendation for its safety, but it needs a strategic approach due to its complexities. In this journey, we’ll explore different strategies, emphasizing one of the best real estate companies in Hyderabad, Urbanyards, and its unique position in the competitive landscape.

This article will look at different ways to invest in real estate, focusing on the importance of investing with the best real estate company. Let’s discuss Urbanyards, a standout player in the real estate field, showcasing what makes it special. Urbanyards isn’t just a name; it’s known for its unique qualities that make it a top choice in real estate. As we explore real estate investment, Urbanyards stands out as a company committed to excellence, offering exceptional value for those looking for the best in real estate opportunities.

  1. Residential Real Estate Investment:

For beginners dipping their toes into real estate, residential properties like houses, apartments, and villas offer a solid starting point. Urbanyards, being a top real estate company, recommends this type of investment for its practicality and emotional appeal. Many individuals utilize their life savings to fulfill the dream of property ownership. To make an informed decision, potential investors are advised to conduct thorough research and choose a reputable, established builder. Urbanyards, as a leading real estate player, prides itself on a stellar track record, positive client feedback, top-notch amenities, timely project completion, affordability, and high resale value.

Investing in residential properties not only caters to personal aspirations but can also be a wise financial move when looking at the rental market. For instance, purchasing a home or flat solely for investment purposes can yield favorable returns, particularly when catering to the constant demand for accommodation for out-of-state employees. Urbanyards recommends focusing on gated communities with excellent standards and prime locations to ensure high rental returns and ease in finding tenants.

  1. Commercial Real Estate Ventures:

For investors with additional time on their hands, exploring commercial real estate ventures is a compelling idea. While it demands more effort and financial commitment, the potential returns can be significant. Urbanyards, one of the top real estate companie, understands the importance of meticulous planning in commercial investments. Investors need to identify the right provider, construction partner, and perfect location for optimal results. Although commercial ventures require ongoing maintenance, the potential for substantial returns makes it a worthwhile endeavor.

  1. Strategic Investment in Land:

Investing in land is a shrewd financial move, providing various exit strategies for investors. Urbanyards suggests collaborating with construction companies for residential or commercial projects or selling the land for a profit. However, investing in land involves legal considerations. Urbanyards emphasizes ensuring proper registration, verifying all necessary paperwork, and checking for any pending lawsuits related to the land. To streamline the process, investors looking to build on a piece of land are advised to explore GHMC or HMDA approved layouts offered by Urbanyards. These layouts ensure that all necessary permissions and basic amenities are taken care of, allowing investors to focus on building their dream home.

  1. Property Investment Trusts (REITs):

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a relatively recent addition to the Indian real estate market and function similarly to mutual funds. Urbanyards recognizes the potential of REITs in addressing the high initial cost barrier associated with real estate investments. REITs hold real estate assets or real estate-related loans and are managed by qualified portfolio managers. As of the time of writing this article, there are three REITs available for investment in India. Investors receive dividends from REITs, as they are mandated by Indian law to release 90% of their income as dividends. Urbanyards highlights the accessibility of trading REITs on the stock market, requiring a DEMAT account for purchase.

In conclusion, regardless of the chosen real estate investment strategy, Urbanyards emphasizes the importance of thorough research. Real estate, like any other investment, is best suited for long-term planning. Urbanyards, as the best real estate company, ensures that investors are equipped with the necessary information to make informed decisions, safeguarding their capital and fostering successful and fulfilling real estate investments. 

Urbanyards wishes you a Happy and safe investment…!



Ten Justifications in favor of Farmlands as a Stock Alternative

farmlands in tukkuguda

Farmland plot sale has grown in popularity in Telangana recently as an investment option for people looking for long-term stability and diversification as Hyderabad’s population continues to rise and the demand for land increases. Farm plots in Hyderabad are an appealing alternative to stocks, which are typically a mainstay in many investment portfolios due to their numerous distinct advantages listed as follows: 

  •   Risk of Inflammation:

Farmlands have always acted as a natural hedge against inflation. Farmland values tend to rise in tandem with rising costs of goods and services, protecting your investment’s purchasing power. This is due to the fact that farming generates goods that are necessary for human survival and that, despite price increases, demand for these goods is largely inelastic.

  •   Intangible Asset:

Farmland is an intangible asset with inherent worth, in contrast to stocks, which stand for ownership in a business. This implies that farmlands maintain both their physical presence and their potential for future productivity, even in times of economic recession.

  •   Diversification:

Investments in farmland have little in common with more conventional asset classes like bonds and stocks. This absence of correlation can lower overall portfolio risk and stabilize an investment portfolio.

  •   Steady Returns:

Historically, farms have outperformed the S&P 500 in a number of periods, offering steady and stable returns. Investors looking to preserve and grow their wealth over the long run will find this stability very appealing.

  • Scarcity:

Due to urbanization and other circumstances, farmland is becoming less and less available. It is a finite resource. Farmland becomes more valuable due to its scarcity, which makes it a desirable long-term investment.

  • Numerous Revenue Streams:

Farmlands can produce crops, get rental income from tenant farmers, and possibly see an increase in land value. Investments in agriculture are made more stable and alluring by this diversity of revenue sources.

  • Environmental Advantages:

Farmland is essential to ecosystem services and carbon sequestration. Farmland’s environmental worth can be improved and its long-term value may rise by investing in sustainable agricultural methods 

  •   Heritage Assets:

Farmlands are a heritage asset that families can pass down through the generations. Farmland is a great asset for wealth transfer because of its physical nature and room for growth.

  •   Community Effects:

By fostering agricultural output, generating employment, and protecting the open spaces that define these areas, investments in nearby farms can have a favourable effect on rural communities.

  • Resilience:

Farmland has proven to be resilient in the face of environmental and economic difficulties. It is a wise investment option for people looking for long-term stability due to its resilience to swings and steady profits.

To conclude, Investments in the best farm plots have many attractive benefits, but it’s vital to recognize that there are hazards involved as well. These include the possibility of commodity price volatility, the effect of weather on agricultural production, and the asset class illiquidity of farms.

Farmland is a good substitute for typical stock investments for investors who want long-term wealth preservation, diversification, and inflation protection. For investors looking for a safe and profitable investing strategy, we suggest starting your investment journey with the top real estate company in Hyderabad, Urbanyards. Farm-plot has a tangible nature, low connection with other asset classes, and the possibility for stable returns make it an appealing option. Urbanyards helps you in getting the best deal with the best farm plots in Hyderabad.  



Urbanyards Is the Ideal Choice for Real Estate Investment During Dussehra


In India, choosing the right time for significant decisions is crucial. One of these big decisions is investing in real estate. It’s a culmination of hard work and dreams. The Hindu month of Ashvina is a perfect time for strong, long-term commitments. It’s also an excellent time to think about investing in real estate for Dussehra, especially with Urbanyards, the top real estate company in Hyderabad.

Why is Dussehra celebrated?

The Dussehra festival honours Lord Rama’s triumph over Ravana, the ten-headed demon king who abducted Rama’s bride Sita, a Vishnu avatar.

Dussehra is frequently recognized as one of the best days to launch a new business or event. Apartment reservations often start around this time and continue into Diwali.

Prior to making any decisions on investments or the purchase of real estate, they wait until Pitrupaksha, a 16-day period during which they perform shradh for their ancestors. Even though Dussehra seems to offer a chance, lots of homeowners also believe it heralds prosperity and good fortune.

Consider the following reasons for contemplating new investments in Dussehra, which are backed by convictions:

  •       The festival of Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashmi, is lucky because it symbolises new beginnings.
  •       Making a new investment by purchasing real estate or starting a new business is considered favorable since wealth and happiness are likely to materialise if any long-term acquisition is made on this day because it is believed to bring in “Vijay,” or triumph.
  •       It is regarded as sacred because new endeavours and investments started on this auspicious day are thought to result in beneficial and advantageous outcomes.
  •       Special deals are made to homebuyers.

It’s a time for new beginnings, and Urbanyards, one of the best real estate companies in Hyderabad knows this well. They often start offering new properties around this time, and it continues into Diwali.

The Prosperity of Dussehra with Urbanyards

Many people believe that purchasing property during Dussehra is lucky and will bring success. This belief is rooted in the idea that starting a new venture or investing in property on this auspicious day can lead to favorable outcomes. Urbanyards makes this even more special by offering unique deals to homebuyers, attracting them with happiness and the promise of prosperity. Dussehra, each year, makes dreams of new homes come true with Urbanyards, motivating aspirations for future goals.

Why People Trust Urbanyards for Dussehra Investments

Dussehra is a time for family, good food, and also a time to invest in property and start new businesses. People trust Urbanyards for these investments because they believe they brings good luck and success. Urbanyards is the preferred choice for those who want to invest in property during this auspicious festival.

Investing for Wealth and Success with Urbanyards

Property buyers, especially with Urbanyards, focus on proactive customer involvement, improving project quality, and prompt project advancements. During Dussehra, demand for real estate and related services goes up. Urbanyards knows that Dussehra is an auspicious time for purchasing property, and this leads to increased property values. They also offer various holiday offers and bonuses, attracting buyers with their location, amenities, and features. Not to forget the rise in property values around festival time.

Dussehra Deals with Urbanyards

Dussehra comes with several discounts and offers. Urbanyards provides buy-back options, mortgage loan interest concessions, and more. While these are appealing, Urbanyards advises buyers not to base their decision solely on these discounts. These offers can reduce the overall cost for first-time buyers, typically by 5 to 10% of the total purchase. It’s essential to consider these benefits, but Urbanyards emphasizes that a purchase decision should not be solely based on them.

Why you should consider buying a property with Urbanyards

While Dussehra is a great time to look for property deals with Urbanyards. Urbanyards advises thorough market research. A purchase with Urbanyards should be a smart investment for your future, not just a good deal.

In conclusion, Dussehra is a time filled with positivity and good fortune, making it a popular choice for investment decisions, especially with Urbanyards. Year after year, Dussehra transforms the dreams of aspiring homeowners into reality, creating a backdrop of hope and success for those embarking on new property ventures with Urbanyards, the best real estate company in Hyderabad.


Advantages of owning the Best Farmlands in Hyderabad



If you’re on the hunt for the best farmlands in Hyderabad, Tukkuguda and the scenic Srisailam highway should be on your radar. When considering investments in these areas, several factors come into play, including location, farming expenses, and finding the perfect property to suit your needs. Before we delve into the advantages of farmland ownership in these regions, it’s essential to mention that the real estate market, spearheaded by Urbanyards, plays a crucial role in helping you make informed decisions regarding your investment in farmlands.  

Advantages of Farm Land Ownership in Tukkuguda and Srisailam Highway

Investing in farmland along the Tukkuguda & Srisailam Highway comes with numerous benefits for landowners, the community, and the environment. Apart from yielding high-quality crops and livestock products, this farmland can contribute to soil enrichment and play a role in reducing deforestation. Its strategic location also means that a more extensive population can partake in the advantages of crop production. Moreover, it generates local employment opportunities, benefiting families in the area.

When it comes to owning farmland in Tukkuguda and Srisailam highway, you’re not just investing in property; you’re embarking on a journey that offers variety of benefits:

  •     Premium Produce in Hyderabad: Tukkuguda and Srisailam highway regions are renowned for their high-quality fruits, vegetables, and meat, making them a perfect choice for farm owners who seek nothing but the best.
  •       Best Farmlands in Hyderabad: Farmlands in Tukkuguda & Srisailam regions are known for their premium options, ensuring that your investment yields the best results.
  •   Cost-Effective Living: Ownership of farmland in Srisailam highway can significantly reduce living expenses compared to urban areas.
  •         Investment Opportunity: Farmland in Tukkuguda can be a sound long-term investment. As the region experiences urban expansion the value of the land is likely to appreciate over time.
  •       Tax Benefits: In simpler terms, depending on the rules in the area, customers who buy farmland can get special tax advantages. These advantages might include paying less in taxes or getting deductions that lower their overall business expenses, making it easier to manage their money.
  •     Family-Friendly Environment: Engage your family in the farming experience, allowing children to participate in planting, harvesting, and learning about animal care
  •       Environmental Connection: Experience Hyderabad’s natural beauty from a different perspective, surrounded by the serene landscapes of your farmland.

Keypoints to be noted before investing in farmlands:

When buying farmland, here are important points to consider:

  •       Know your budget and how much land you need.
  •       Check the land’s fertility and water availability for farming.
  •       Understand local regulations and permits for agricultural use.
  •       Evaluate the infrastructure and accessibility for easy transportation.
  •       Examine the potential for future development or resale value.
  •       Connect with local experts and real estate professionals for guidance.

The best real estate company in town, can assist you in finding the right plot, ensuring a wise investment for your farming dreams.

Urbanyards’ Role in the Hyderabad Real Estate Market

In the quest for the best farmlands in Hyderabad, Urbanyards is your trusted partner. With a commitment to sustainable living and responsible land management, Urbanyards has been instrumental in connecting individuals with ideal farmland properties in Tukkuguda and Srisailam highways. Their expertise in the Hyderabad real estate market ensures that you make informed investment decisions, securing the finest farmlands the region has to offer.

Urbanyards doesn’t just provide properties; they offer a pathway to a sustainable lifestyle. By collaborating with Urbanyards, you gain access to farmland properties that align with your farming goals and sustainability aspirations. Their dedication to community growth and environmental stewardship makes them an invaluable resource in your farmland investment journey.


Investing in farmland in Hyderabad’s Tukkuguda and Srisailam highway regions is a rewarding venture that offers more than just financial returns. It’s a chance to connect with the land, support local communities, and embrace a sustainable way of life. With Urbanyards as your partner in the Hyderabad real estate market, you can embark on this journey with confidence, knowing you have the support and expertise needed to make the right choices. To explore the best farmlands in Hyderabad, visit Urbanyards today and take the first step towards sustainable land ownership and a brighter future.


Hyderabad’s Booming Real Estate Market: Open Plots near Pharmacity and Yacharam

open plots near pharmacity

Hyderabad, often known as the “City of Pearls,” has undergone some impressive changes recently. It’s shifted from being a historical and cultural center to becoming one of India’s top spots for IT and businesses. This growth isn’t by chance; it’s because the government in Telangana has made smart moves to boost the economy and make it a great place for businesses. As Hyderabad grows, it’s attracting more and more people, and that’s driving up the demand for places to live, especially open plots for sale in Hyderabad.

The Telangana state government has played a huge role in making Hyderabad’s real estate market so successful. They’ve invested in building up the city and made it easy for businesses to set up shop here. Big names like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others have come here, which means more jobs and more people moving in. That’s why real estate investment in Hyderabad is becoming a popular choice.

Recent surveys tell us that in southern Indian cities, including Hyderabad, more and more folks are looking to buy plots of land to build their homes. This is a change from the past when apartments were more popular. People are now thinking that buying a plot is a smart way to invest because it can make more money over time. Plus, finding big plots of land in a big city like Hyderabad is getting harder, so these plots are in high demand.

Work-from-Home Makes a Difference

Since working from home is becoming a normal thing, people want more space. They’re not just looking for a place to live but also a place to work from home. So, they’re interested in bigger plots, usually between 900 and 1800 square feet. Plus, the government has reduced some fees, making it even more attractive to buy land.

New Kind of Communities

With the demand for plots going up, many big property developers are now creating communities with plots. It’s not like before when one person owned a big piece of land and divided it into smaller plots to sell. These new communities offer safe and well-organized places for people to build their dream homes.

Investment opportunities

If you’re thinking about investing in open plots near Pharmacity, Yacharam, or other promising parts of Hyderabad, you’re in the right place. Some of the top spots to invest in right now include Adibatla, Ghatkesar, Shankarpalli, Tukkuguda, Yacharam, and Shadnagar. These areas are seeing a lot of growth, which makes them good choices for real estate investments.

Why Choose Urbanyards

When you’re ready to invest in open plots, picking the right company to work with is essential. That’s where Urbanyards comes in. We have lots of experience and a strong commitment to quality. You can trust us to help you find the best investment opportunities in Hyderabad. Our gated communities in upcoming areas provide you with a perfect canvas to build your dream home. What’s more, during this Festive sesaon, we’re offering significant discounts on our projects in Hyderabad.

Don’t miss the chance to invest in Hyderabad’s growing real estate market. Join one of our gated communities in any of our Hyderabad projects this Festive season and enjoy substantial discounts.

In summary, Open plots sales in Yacharam and Pharmacity, coupled with the exceptional investment opportunities presented by Urbanyards, shine brightly in Hyderabad’s thriving real estate landscape. These areas boast strategic locations and are witnessing rapid infrastructure development, making them prime choices for astute investors. The demand for open plots and residential properties in these regions is skyrocketing, and investing here can be a smart move for those seeking not just a place to call home but also a lucrative investment.

What sets Urbanyards apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and extensive experience in the real estate sector. Choosing Urbanyards means aligning with a trusted partner in Hyderabad’s real estate journey. Their gated communities in these burgeoning areas offer the perfect canvas for your dream home. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your financial future and enjoy a thriving lifestyle by investing in Urbanyards in Yacharam and Pharmacity, where the future of real estate looks exceptionally bright.


Tukkuguda: A Prime Investment Location


Hyderabad’s real estate market has been experiencing remarkable growth, driven by its booming IT sector and powerful economy. Investors have been drawn to the city’s stable property market, with promising returns on residential and commercial properties.

Tukkuguda, a suburb of Hyderabad, has emerged as a prime destination for real estate investment. With its strategic location near the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and several IT parks, Tukkuguda offers a lucrative opportunity for investors. The region’s infrastructure development, connectivity, and government incentives make it an ideal choice for those seeking long-term gains in the real estate sector. In Tukkuguda, the real estate market is particularly vibrant when it comes to flats and apartments. The demand for modern, well-designed housing options is on the rise, and developers are responding with innovative projects. As the area continues to develop, investing in flats and apartments in Tukkuguda promises not only a comfortable lifestyle but also excellent prospects for future value appreciation.

In conclusion, Tukkuguda’s real estate sector stands as a testament to Hyderabad’s overall growth and economic prospects. Whether for investment or comfortable living, flats and apartments in Tukkuguda offer a compelling opportunity for those looking to participate in the city’s dynamic real estate market. In this article let’s explore Tukkuguda’s real estate opportunities offered by Urbanyards, the best real estate company in Hyderabad.


Tukkuguda’s reasonable residential pricing is among the main factors contributing to its reputation as a wise investment. Among the properties for sale are flats, office buildings, villas, and residential plots. One would be shocked to learn that Tukkuguda’s Real Estate has various types of housing you’re looking for in a range of lifestyles and price points.

South Hyderabad’s Tukkuguda neighborhood is quickly growing, and there are many housing projects, farmlands, and the Outer Ring Road (ORR) nearby.


Unlock a world of career possibilities in Tukkuguda! This thriving suburb not only offers promising real estate investment opportunities but also boasts diverse job opportunities catering to a wide range of industries. Situated close to Tech giants like TCS Adibhatla, Hardware Park, Foxconn, and Amazon Data Centre to name a few, technology enthusiasts can join global giants and startups in the ever-evolving tech sector.

Those with a passion for aviation can explore careers near the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport while manufacturing and industrial sectors offer ample employment prospects. Education, hospitality, healthcare, retail, and the burgeoning real estate industry all contribute to a vibrant job market, ensuring that Tukkuguda is not just a place to call home but a dynamic career destination as well.

Pharmacity, located near Tukkuguda, offers diverse job prospects in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. From research and manufacturing to quality control, it’s a magnet for professionals seeking rewarding careers in these fields. This booming sector enhances Tukkuguda’s reputation as a prime destination for both real estate investment and employment opportunities.


Tukkuguda boasts excellent transportation connectivity, making it an ideal location for real estate investment. Situated near the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and with easy access to major highways, residents can effortlessly connect to Hyderabad’s key areas. This accessibility enhances the area’s appeal, ensuring convenient travel and growth potential.


Tukkuguda’s powerful social infrastructure comprises of a wide range of community facilities and public services. From renowned schools like DPS Nagaragallu, Blooms Public School, Devendra Vidyala, Sri Sri Academy, etc., and hospitals like OYC, and Ramadevi multispeciality hospitals to waterparks like Waonderla and cultural venues, it offers a good amount of civic amenities that enhance residents’ quality of life. These essential resources create a thriving and responsible community.

In conclusion, Tukkuguda stands as a beacon of opportunity for real estate investors and homeowners alike. With its strategic location, diverse job market, and well-developed social infrastructure, this vibrant suburb promises not only a sound financial investment but also a high quality of life. Explore the endless potential of Tukkuguda, where the future of real estate is thriving.

Don’t hesitate any longer; buy in Tukkuguda real estate with Urbanyards today for a better tomorrow. One of the most profitable Urbanyards projects is Urban Heights. Unlike other projects in the town, Urban Heights, situated in Tukkuguda, offers new doors to limitless job prospects and infrastructural improvement along with outstanding services and gated community living. To find out more about the current and future initiatives at Tukkuguda, get in touch with us.



real-estate investments

In the past ten years, Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, has grown to be one of the most sought-after places to live. The demand for housing opportunities in the city has increased significantly as a result of IT businesses and MNCs moving into the area. There are plenty of possibilities available to individuals looking for the best real estate investments in the city.

Urbanyards, the best real estate company in Hyderabad, offers the most promise and possibility for investment returns among the numerous up-and-coming neighborhoods. You can choose the best option for your subsequent purchase based on your property demands.


Tukkuguda, located near Hyderabad’s airport, has gained real estate prominence due to its strategic location, connectivity via the Outer Ring Road, and growing infrastructure. The proximity to the airport is a draw for frequent travelers and businesses needing logistical advantages. Improved connectivity has enhanced accessibility, while infrastructure developments, like roads and utilities, have spurred interest.

Hyderabad’s economic growth, especially in IT and pharmaceuticals, has generated demand for properties in nearby areas like Tukkuguda. The city’s expansion and urbanization have also led to increased development in previously suburban regions. As a result, Tukkuguda has seen the launch of residential and commercial projects, catering to the rising housing and office space needs. Investors eye the area for its potential, adding to its real estate appeal.

However, for the latest market trends and project details, consulting local real estate agencies or reliable online sources is recommended. If ever you are looking for apartments for sale in Tukkuguda, Urbanyards has come up with two prestigious projects; Urban Heights & Urban Elite to promote luxury living.

Considering its expansion and developing potential, Urbanyards has open farmlands for sale at Gudoor, Tukkuguda promoting green life.

Investing in open plots and farmlands in Tukkuguda is a smart move. The place is close to cities, so the land’s value could rise up. You can use the farmland for farming or even change it for other uses later. Also, living there means enjoying a peaceful life away from the city noise. Moreover, as the area develops and urbanizes, the value of the land is likely to increase over time, potentially leading to a profitable resale. Additionally, owning property in a growing area offers potential financial benefits as demand for housing and land continues to rise.


Urbanyards’ open plots near Pharma City are gaining traction due to the active real estate market and projected price increases. The time is right for investing, especially as the area is near the rapidly developing Pharma City. Benefits include access to quality education, healthcare facilities, and a prime location with connections to major IT hubs and SEZs.

The expansion of Pharma City offers promising business prospects, supported by robust infrastructure. With an uncongested atmosphere and available plots, this is an opportune moment to invest in Pharma City’s open plots for business ventures or homes, capitalizing on its strategic position and growth potential.

Srisailam Highway Farmlands

Investing in farmlands near Srisailam highway offers tourism growth, economic development, connectivity, and real estate prospects. Farm plots come with affordability, value growth potential, positive rental income, and varied investment options. Proximity to the airport and the Hyderabad Pharmaceutical City project enhances appeal. Choosing Urbanyards as your trusted Real estate partner comes with the added advantages of affordable pricing and all right approvals.

Urbanyards offers you a number of chances to make your best real estate investments. You can invest in the aforementioned properties that are more likely to provide positive returns in the future at reasonable prices thanks to the rapidly rising real estate market in Tukkuguda.

Take a peek at the top Urbanyards properties and choose from our many choices.

Choose wisely – Choose Urbanyards…!




Srisailam Highway has emerged as a highly desirable destination for prudent investment decisions. The prime options for investments with significant recent popularity are farm lands near the Srisailam Highway. Farmland investments offer diverse benefits such as potential value appreciation, stable asset class, agricultural income, hedge against inflation, and a connection to nature. It’s a lasting asset with potential for long-term growth and various utilization options.

Delve into this comprehensive article to gain a complete understanding of purchasing farmlands on the Srisailam Highway and navigating the real estate landscape in that area. This article will thoroughly explore the advantages of procuring farm plots along the Srisailam Highway, brought to you by Urbanyards.


Linking Hyderabad to the sacred town of Srisailam, the Srisailam Highway spans about 213 km, showcasing greenery, scenic views and granting access to the renowned Mallikarjuna Temple. Functioning as a pivotal path for both pilgrims and travelers, this route boasts excellent connectivity to other major highways like NH 44 and NH 65. Additionally, its proximity to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is an added advantage.


The Srisailam Highway has the exciting potential to become a smart and effective pathway. With the help of technology, it could have smart traffic control, use renewable energy, and improve safety. This could also lead to better connections between regions, boosting tourism and the economy. This positive impact would also extend to nearby areas like Tukkuguda, increasing the need for strong transportation facilities.


Investing in Srisailam Highway promises tourism growth, economic development, pilgrimage traffic, enhanced connectivity, modern infrastructure, transport efficiency, technology integration, real estate opportunities, cultural preservation, and sustainable long-term returns.


  1. Affordability

Buying a farm plot along Srisailam Highway comes with cost advantages. Hyderabad’s lower living expenses, compared to cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, make it an ideal choice for new investors or those on a tighter budget.

  1. Potential for Value Growth

Srisailam Highway holds great potential for property value appreciation due to increased tourism, trade, and infrastructure development. These factors can boost property prices and stimulate economic progress, attracting investors seeking future profits.

  1. Positive Rental Income

Growing tourism, commercial activities, and better infrastructure could drive up property demand, allowing landlords to earn substantial rental income from both residential and commercial spaces.

  1. Diverse Investment Opportunities

Srisailam Highway’s farm plots offer various investment possibilities. Depending on your preferences and goals, you can invest in residential, commercial, or agricultural lands.

  1. Swift Resale

The Srisailm Highway area is undergoing rapid development, leading to increased land demand. Its proximity to crucial infrastructure projects and upcoming developments makes it attractive to developers and investors alike.

  1. Government Initiatives

To boost investments in the state, the TS Government has implemented a streamlined approval process. Additionally, infrastructure-related incentives, including the Outer Ring Road and the Hyderabad Growth Corridor, encourage investment.

  1. Aerospace Zone on Srisailam Highway

The Srisailam Highway Aerospace SEZ, established by TSIIC, hosts numerous aerospace companies. Names like Sri Venkateshwara Aerospace Ltd, Gowra Aerospace Technologies, Adani Aerospace Ltd, and more are part of this zone. 

  1. Proximity to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

With its closeness to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Srisailam Highway could become even more appealing to businesses and investors. This could lead to increased investments and elevated land prices along the Highway, strengthening the local real estate market. 

  1. Hyderabad Pharmaceutical City

The TS government’s Hyderabad Pharma City project aims to boost the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. This initiative, requiring substantial land and investment as it has the potential to create significant employment and growth opportunities in the industry.

Tips for Investing in Farm Plots Along Srisailam Highway:

Whenever you come across the ad for farm plots for sale in Hyderabad and decide to proceed, please consider the following steps before the actual purchase:

  •       Research Thoroughly: Begin by gathering information about the area, market trends, and potential growth prospects. Research the history of property value appreciation, nearby developments, and the overall economic landscape.
  •       Location Analysis: Carefully assess the specific location of the farm plot. Factors such as proximity to essential amenities, transportation hubs, and potential infrastructure projects should be considered.
  •       Future Development Plans: Stay informed about upcoming infrastructure projects, such as roads, airports, and industrial zones. These developments can significantly impact the value of your investment over time.
  •       Market Trends: Understand the prevailing real estate trends in the region. Analyze demand, supply, and rental potential to make an informed decision.
  •       Infrastructure and Connectivity: Favor plots that have easy access to transportation networks, highways, and essential utilities like water and electricity. Good connectivity enhances the plot’s attractiveness.
  •       Consult Experts: Seek advice from real estate professionals, like Urbanyards, legal advisors, and financial consultants to make well-informed decisions based on your financial situation and goals.
  •       Documentation: Ensure all agreements, contracts, and transactions are properly documented.



In conclusion, investing in the Farmlands along Srisailam Highway through the platform of Urbanyards is not just a financial decision, but a strategic move towards unlocking the potential of a dynamic and rapidly developing region. With its prime location, growing infrastructure, and Urbanyards’ guidance, investors can anticipate not only lucrative returns but also a chance to be part of the transformation shaping the future of this corridor. Seize the opportunity and be a part of this journey by choosing the best farmlands on Shrisailam highway for you through us.


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Investing in real estate is often considered a smart move, as it holds both financial and emotional value. The journey of finding and owning your dream home is filled with challenges and excitement. However, buying a home usually involves taking a long-term home loan that can extend over 20-25 years. To ensure you make the most of this investment without burdening your family budget, it’s crucial to plan your home loan repayment effectively.

Listed below are seven simple strategies to pay off your home loan faster, save money, and achieve debt-free homeownership.

Optimize Your Downpayment: 

While banks and housing finance companies require a minimum downpayment of 10-20%, consider contributing more if you can afford it. Increasing your downpayment helps reduce the principal amount, EMIs, and loan tenure. You can liquidate low-yielding investments like bank fixed deposits or insurance policies to make a larger downpayment.

Choose a Shorter Loan Tenure:

Although opting for a longer loan tenure may seem appealing due to lower EMIs, it results in higher interest payments over time. Selecting a shorter loan tenure increases your EMI amount but reduces the overall debt burden by facilitating quicker loan repayment and lower interest liabilities. Ensure the EMI fits comfortably within your monthly budget.

Compare Home Loan Offers:

Rather than rushing into a decision, take the time to thoroughly research and compare offers from various lenders. Look for the best interest rates, flexible terms, and simple eligibility criteria. Keep an eye out for special schemes launched during festive occasions or events, as they often provide lower interest rates and flexible repayment options.

Make Regular Prepayments: 

Check if your lender allows part payments without penalty. Whenever you have additional funds from salary hikes, bonuses, or maturing investments, consider making prepayments towards your home loan. Regular prepayments reduce the outstanding loan amount, enabling you to close the loan faster. Ensure there are no limitations on the frequency and amount of prepayments.

Consider Home Loan Balance Transfer: 

If you come across better offers with lower interest rates or improved prepayment options from other lenders, consider transferring your outstanding loan amount. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis, considering penalty charges, processing fees, and savings from lower interest rates. Transferring the loan in the initial years when a significant amount is unpaid is typically more advantageous. 

Prioritize Timely EMI Payments:

Avoid delaying or defaulting on your EMIs. Plan your monthly budget and personal finances to ensure timely repayment. Late payments result in penalty charges, adverse remarks on your credit report, and difficulties accessing future loans on favorable terms. Timely repayment expedites the loan closure process and reduces the overall debt burden.

Utilize Tax Benefits: 

Take advantage of the tax benefits associated with home loans. Deductions can be claimed under various sections of the income tax provisions. Section 80C allows a deduction of up to Rs. 1.50 lakh per year on principal repayment, while Section 24(b) permits a deduction of up to Rs. 2 lahks per year on interest payments. Additionally, first-time homebuyers can claim an additional deduction of up to Rs. 1.50 lakh on interest payments under Section 80EEA for properties valued under Rs. 45 lahks.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage your home loan repayment, save on interest payments, and achieve the goal of becoming debt-free sooner. Once you are free of mortgage debt, you can focus on other important life goals such as retirement planning, children’s education, or travel.


Plot Investment Essentials: Vital Factors to Monitor for Maximum Returns

plot investments

Owning a piece of land has long been a cherished dream for many individuals. It provides the freedom and flexibility to build and design one’s dream house, making it a highly sought-after commodity. Moreover, land ownership holds significant value and is considered a feasible investment for future generations.

However, when investing in any property, it is crucial to follow certain steps to ensure a safe and secure deal. Here are some important factors to consider:

Title Deed:

Verify that the person selling the property has their name on the title deed and has the right to sell it without the consent of any other party.

Consult with a lawyer to confirm the authenticity of the original deeds. It may also be helpful to obtain previous land deeds for verification purposes.

Prior to registering the property, obtain a release certificate to ensure there are no existing claims or disputes.

Sales Deed:

Obtain a sales deed from the seller to confirm that the property does not belong to any builder, development authority, or society.

Tax Receipts & Bills:

Before making the final payment, ensure that the previous owner has no outstanding dues such as electricity bills, water bills, property taxes, or any other payments.

Verify with the government and municipal offices to confirm that all relevant receipts and bills have been paid.


If there were any loans or mortgages on the land, obtain a releasing certificate from the relevant bank, indicating that the land is free from any encumbrances.

Land Measurement:

Engage authorized experts to measure the land accurately. This can be done in collaboration with the survey department, and a sketch can be prepared to determine the exact boundaries of the property.


Sign a legally binding agreement that covers all the necessary legal and financial aspects.

Ensure that the agreement prevents the owner from selling the property to anyone else or changing the cost of the property.

Have two witnesses from both parties present during the signing of the agreement to avoid any potential issues in the future.


Complete the land registration process at least four months after the agreement is signed.

Gather all the required previous records and witness statements for the registration process.

Registration serves as proof that the transaction has taken place.

Basic Amenities:

Ensure that the property you are considering has access to basic amenities such as power supply, water supply, proper roads, and good connectivity to the city.

While purchasing land can be a complex process, following these steps can help mitigate risks and ensure a successful investment. If you are seeking the best land investments in Hyderabad, Urbanyards is a recommended choice.