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Top Reasons for the Increasing Demand for Open Plots in Hyderabad

Top Reasons for the Increasing Demand for Open Plots in Hyderabad

Are you looking forward to investing in the open plots for sale in Hyderabad? One of the key things that draws investors’ attention is real estate. Because property prices often increase, people believe real estate is the safest investment. So, who wouldn’t want to see a return on their investment?

Additionally, real estate can be used to generate rental revenue, which is another crucial factor in why many view it as an investment. People may contemplate investing in real estate for various reasons, which may explain why the demand for it is increasing. The buyer and seller are the only parties who care whether the property is an office or a residence. In Hyderabad, there is an enormous increase in demand for open plots.

Urbanyards has developed intriguing ideas and carved out a place for itself in the relevant industry. Plots were developed and offered for sale at reasonable prices. Land investment is a significant commitment, and buyers want to be associated with a reputable brand to feel confident in their decision. The business has carried out several successful initiatives.

Reasons for the Huge Demand for Open Plots in Hyderabad

Let us consider the reasons that make open plots popular among property buyers:

Huge Employment Opportunities:

Hyderabad is regarded as the nation’s IT hub. Numerous national and international businesses have chosen to establish branches there. The demand for living spaces in the area has increased, and various builders have emerged to construct land and plots for purchasers to meet the demand.

We are all aware that Hyderabad has many work prospects due to the presence of some of the largest IT corporations in the city. Because of the favorable job outlook at these locations, professionals from other states in the nation move there. Compared to villas and apartments, open plots have lower real estate costs. As a result, people consider purchasing an open plot to be a profitable decision. Additionally, several developers have taken over the suitable property and created open plots for sale.

Living Closer to Nature

The open plots in the gated community are furnished with the bare necessities, making them perfect residences. Another factor that encourages individuals to invest in the plots Urbanyards is selling is their proximity to significant city centers. Therefore, living in a lush, green area of nature is a dream come true for many people. Senior individuals and families with children can both feel protected in gated communities. The neighborhood has parks, clubhouses, and other amenities that improve the quality of life.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Hyderabad offers investors a high return on investment (ROI), particularly for open plots. Additionally, the location has official approval, and the business has all the paperwork to register the investors’ freshly acquired land. The Hyderabad open plots that have received DTCP approval are a fantastic choice for buyers. They determine that the plot is a good investment and consider purchasing it to rent it out or sell it later. For their life prospects, several people think about investing in such plots. The sale deed issued by the builder is efficient and transparent, thanks to Telangana’s government. These elements inspire the customer with confidence to purchase the vacant land.

To summarize, we hope this article is helpful for you, and you have got enough information about the increasing demand for open plots in Hyderabad. If you wish to invest in the open lands in Hyderabad, we would love to suggest Urbanyards. At Urbanyards, we offer open plots, farmlands, flats, villas, and others. 


Know Why Investing in Open Plots is the Best Opportunity

Know Why Investing in Open Plots is the Best Opportunity

Are you looking forward to investing in the best real estate projects in Hyderabad? Well, if you are one of them looking forward to investing in the top real estate companies in Hyderabad, then this blog is for you. Real estate investments are immovable and cannot be taken away or lost. It is one of your most valuable future assets. It is one of the best investments with very minimal risk and one of the best strategies that could help your future generations. There are several ways to invest in real estate, so if one has the chance to do so on open plots, they should seize the chance.

The real estate market has been flourishing compared to other markets that produce profitable returns for investors, particularly in quickly developing cities like Hyderabad. A plot or piece of property purchase involves much more than just money. Hyderabad’s real estate market has grown due to the city’s rapid industrialization. However, given that Hyderabad is growing, buying there would be advantageous for many investors seeking to buy open pieces of land at reasonable prices.

Compared to other markets that produce profitable returns for investors, the real estate market has been flourishing, particularly in quickly developing cities like Hyderabad. A plot or piece of property purchase involves much more than just money. Hyderabad’s real estate market has grown due to the city’s rapid industrialization. However, given that Hyderabad is growing, buying there would be advantageous for many investors seeking to buy open pieces of land at reasonable prices.

Open plots in Yacharam are currently being offered by Urbanyards at reasonable prices, making it the ideal place to turn your investment into a profitable one. They offer DTCP-approved plots in Hyderabad where you can plan to build your dream house or earn the most money once you reach retirement age.

Here are a few advantages of investing in open plots in Shadnagar.

Best Location for More Returns:

The location, favorable to your investment in open plots, is the first and most important factor. Location is important when making a real estate investment decision. Therefore, Swargaseema, a seasoned real estate agent, has offered open plots for sale in Shadnagar, which are excellent investments at an ideal location.

Easy to manage:

Investments in open plots don’t need a lot of care and upkeep. The best option for investors who don’t have the time to maintain the land would be to purchase open plots. No maintenance fees, no rent for tenants.

Profitable Returns:

The greatest sites, or growing areas, offer lots that have a lot of potential for growth and high profits in the coming years. Open plots’ market value tends to grow significantly over time. Plots near important infrastructure will likely increase in value over time and provide their owners with healthy profits.


The open plots for sale in Yacharam are available for reasonable prices and come in various sizes to suit your needs. Open plots offer far greater flexibility in use and upkeep. You can build your farmhouse, a small warehouse, or whatever else you like. The best investment is open plots because of their flexibility and proximity to the neighborhood.

To conclude, we hope this article has given you enough information by letting you know the benefits of investing in the DTCP Approved Open Plots in Yacharam. If you are looking for the best investment options, let us help you invest in the Land for Sale in Yacharam. Please reach out to our professionals to get more help regarding your real estate needs. 


Why is Indian Real Estate Ideal for NRI Investment?

Why is Indian Real Estate Ideal for NRI Investment?

The Indian real estate market has been seeing tremendous growth over the past few years. Moreover, the NRIs’ looking forward to investing in the country has increased compared to the previous years. 

NRIs from developed countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada were already major investors in India. The skyrocketing financial market in India has further triggered the psyche of Indians living abroad to consider returning home and settling down in the future. This is why residential real estate investment has increased, accounting for 42 percent of total GCC inflows.

Similarly, the real estate companies in Hyderabad are making better profits by serving their large NRI client base. This article is for you if you are an NRI who wishes to invest in the best real estate in Hyderabad.

Top Reasons for NRIs’ to Invest in Indian Real Estate

There are many opportunities for Non-Resident Indians to invest in real estate in India, and the top real estate companies in Hyderabad would help you make a wise decision. 

Urbanyards is the most promising and trusted partner for its clients. It is also one of the leading and top 10 real estate companies in Hyderabad. 

Let us see the reasons why one should start investing in real estate in the country.

Robust Economy of the Country

India has weathered the global financial crisis. Thanks to a high-quality, resilient, and transparent economy supported by a strong banking sector that promotes the growth of real estate in India.

Distinguished Markets 

One of the largest and oldest stock exchanges in the world is the Indian Stock Exchange. It boasts returns on investment of more than 15% each year for the past ten years, is effective, less expensive, and has a modern environment.

Diversity of Investors

Numerous industries have become open for investment due to the robust service industry. Investors are also acquiring the knowledge necessary to make investments in knowledge-based industries.

Demographic Dividend 

India is the youngest nation in the world and has a working-age population that makes up over 64% of the total population. Thus, there is a lot of room for productivity and innovation, which will help to accelerate economic growth.

Rapid Growth of the Market 

Due to the rapid growth of the Indian market, traditional investments are being replaced by stock-based instruments among Indian investors. It’s a terrific moment to invest in India because of the expanding market and stock values.

Friendly Market that Supports Investors 

NRIs are shifting their investment attention toward India due to the Indian government being friendlier to foreign investors and the RBI and SEBI creating many rules and guidelines for supporting FDI or Foreign Direct Investments.

According to numerous predictions, India’s NRI investments will reach a record high of INR 96 CR in FY 2021. This record-breaking real estate investment is credited to the creation of RERA. NRI investors are now more confident in making investments in India. They receive reliable developers and properties currently registered under RERA, as well as a more straightforward method for engagement.

Increasing Demand for Ready-made Homes 

The desire for pre-built homes that are safe and secure and guarantee the availability of all the necessities of a contemporary lifestyle is also on the rise. Due to the lack of goods and service tax (GST) on resale flats, there is also an increase in demand for homes that are ready to move into or developments that are nearly finished. In addition, the recent fall of the Indian rupee means that NRIs now have a profitable bargain in their hands and must invest less money to buy a home.

Let’s see the procedure NRIs should follow before buying any properties in India. 

Here is a quick list of everything you will need at each step.

Documents you need before buying a property:
Passport and/or OCI Card:

You’ll need to present your Indian passport and OCI card if you have an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card or a PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) card. You can purchase a property in India even if you have a foreign passport.

PAN Card:

It is mandatory for all property transactions. 

Power of attorney:

If you cannot complete the purchase transaction in India, you must present a power of attorney. Please be aware that you cannot carry out a real estate transaction without a special power of attorney that is notarized and registered.

How can you execute a Power of Attorney?

Using a power of attorney, you can give someone in India the authority to carry out transactions on your behalf. You must sign the POA before a consular representative or notary public in your home country. They will also need to vouch for it.


Make sure you review and double-check all necessary documents to ensure a seamless transaction and a hassle-free ownership experience.

Documents Required: 
  • Title deed (in the name of the seller). You need to be aware of the special papers required by some states.
  • Approved plan
  • Building permit
  • certification of occupation (in case it is a ready building)
  • Any older title deeds
  • current encumbrance certificate
  • share registration (in case it is a cooperative housing society)
  • The society’s RERA registration NOC (if applicable)
  • If all of these documents are valid, you
Documents required for registration:

For the sale deed registration, you will also need to produce proofs of your current address (such as utility bills) and your identity (such as your passport and PAN card).

To summarize, out of the several investment options available, Real Estate in India has become the most viable option for Non-Resident Indians. If you are an NRI looking to invest in land and open plots, we suggest you contact Urbanyards, the best real estate company in Hyderabad. Please start your investments now with the most trusted partner in real estate. 


Read More: Advantages you must know when investing in open plots

Advantages you must know when investing in open plots

open plots

The boom in real estate has been increasing for a few years. People’s choice of land investment has increased, and real estate services agencies are mushrooming around cities like Hyderabad to provide customers with the best real estate services.

Thus, considering these factors, there is no doubt that investing in real estate is the best option for people. However, residential investments have become synonymous with real estate investments because they are not the only available options. If you are considering investing in real estate, here are some reasons why buying open plots should be at the top of your list.

Advantages of Investing in Open Plots

There are several advantages to investing in open plots. They are:

It provides flexibility to buyers:

When purchasing an apartment, buyers are always limited to the house plan designed by the architect. Buyers can only make a few changes to the property, and there is no way to change the outlet in your home. However, you can construct your own dream home on an open plot of land. You can design your own home from the ground up based on your preferences and needs and select your own building materials. A home is very important in everyone’s life, so it is important to build it according to your personality and lifestyle.

We are glad to introduce urbanyards as the most promising real estate agency that offers your open plots at affordable rates at different locations in and around Hyderabad.

Initial investment is low:

Despite being the most affordable, the homes built are more expensive than the plots. As a result, potential buyers seek home loans to assist them with financing. On the other hand, open plots are less expensive and come in various sizes and prices, making them the best option for buyers based on their budget. Many investors who have long-term plans buy land and then build a house when they have enough money. This could be a better option than paying EMIs on your home.

Guarantees less property tax:

Property tax is an additional expense for property owners, whether they own a plot or a house. However, the property tax on an open plot is lower compared to a house. So, open plots are the best option to consider if you want to make a profitable investment.

Zero maintenance cost:

Whether you live in the house or not, you must pay some maintenance costs. Some housing societies levy maintenance fees, some of which are fixed. Some, however, may be unplanned, such as plumbing issues, electrical problems, renovations, etc. There is no maintenance when it comes to open plots. Even investors with a limited budget can benefit from owning a piece of land.

It is a great asset:

One of the most significant advantages of investing in land is that it is a limited resource. The land has always been a great asset in the future and can provide you with a long-term return. New residential areas are still being built because only a limited amount of land is available for purchase. As a result, owners can be confident in their lands, resulting in high demand in a short period as prices continue to rise.

To summarise, investing in land is undoubtedly one of the best investment options for investors looking for high returns with few responsibilities. If you are looking for better investment options with less risk, we would love to suggest urbanyards, the leading real estate agency in Telangana. Our staff will provide you with all the details and information you need to make a wise decision about your investment.