Why Pharma City Yacharam is Best for Land Investment

Pharma City, Yacharam, Hyderabad

The latest buzz is that the Telangana State Government will start its brainchild project Pharmacity shortly in yacharam village, Rangareddy district. The main motto of this pharmacity is to develop a hub of pharma companies, thus making Telangana the pharma capital in the country. This announcement has raised the people’s interest in investing in the lands in nearby areas.

Yes. This announcement is a boon for the people who wish to invest in the lands in the nearby areas of yacharam village. If you are still thinking about how can  Pharmacity help people like you to invest in open plots in Pharmacity, let us tell you why.

  • It has already been learnt that the government has given a green signal to around 400 companies to set up their plants in the Pharmacity yacharam, which helps create massive employment. This, in turn, leads to the movement of people nearby that enables people to buy and rent houses.
  • The peaceful, serene, and calm surrounding attracts buyers to choose this place to live in.
  • Geographically, the Pharmacity is coming in between the Nagarjuna Sagar and Srisailam highway, which is another benefit for the investors on lands and open plots.
  • Moreover, Amazon has already announced that it will set up its data centre near the upcoming Pharmacity. Another factor that helps investors invest in real estate in nearby areas.
  • It is also close to Pyramid Centre, which adds more opportunities to the investors.
  • The location of the Pharmacity is close to both the Shadnagar Railway Station and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, making commuting easier for the people.
  • Besides, Pharma manufacturing, Pharmacity Township, Pharma University, Pharma R&D, and Ancillary Hub will also be coming up to boost land investment opportunities.
  • The best places to invest are the open plots in Yacharam Pharmacity area near Nagarjuna Sagar highway or Srisailam highway near Kartal.


To summarize, after a thorough analysis, we suggest that investing in lands in and around Pharmacity that will fetch huge benefits in the long run. However, it should be noted that investors should be calm and patient as it requires a few months to years to enjoy the fruits of your investment. So, be wise and decide that will yield you the best profits.


Website link for  : open plots in Yacharam Pharmacity